Here's just one of many testimonials we've received at our SCORE Chapter.

"How would you like to be in a room with seasoned, successful professionals who are offering to help you build your company, and that don’t want this meeting to be a one-off, but for the process to continue until your company has reached it’s organizational goals? ….. and this service is free!

Over the years our company has had many growing pains, and we recently reached a plateau. We’ve tried consultants, marketing experts, hiring sales reps and even a cold call company; nothing has  really hit the mark for us. A friend suggested I reach out to SCORE about business advice. After contact they assessed our needs and put together a customized team (including a VP in our field) who understood our challenges. 

We’ve been working with this team for about a year and a half. In the meetings we decide together what to work on and what to do before our next meeting.  Our work has included sales presentations, marketing outreach, and explorations into what’s happening with our company and bouncing it off the team. We’ve had a better year this year than last, and SCORE is an important ingredient in the work we’ve done. I highly recommend them to young or old business entrepreneurs."

Kind Regards,

Ken McGloin