SCORE is a free advisory service offered to small business. If you have a new business idea, have just started your new venture, or have an established business, we can help. SCORE is a team of seasoned business professionals who have decided to “give back” to the community by offering their experience, expertise and skills free to people who need help.

We have counseled hundreds of local entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, and people who would like to be their own boss.

Use the links on our site to contact us, or call: 845.339.0468.

Here's are some of the many testimonials we've received at our SCORE Chapter.


Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
Ken McGloin
Music Director
Face the Music

"How would you like to be in a room with seasoned, successful professionals who are offering to help you build your company, and that don’t want this meeting to be a one-off, but for the process to continue until your company has reached it’s organizational goals? ….. and this service is free!

Over the years our company has had many growing pains, and we recently reached a plateau. We’ve tried consultants, marketing experts, hiring sales reps and even a cold call company; nothing has  really hit the mark for us. A friend suggested I reach out to SCORE about business advice. After contact they assessed our needs and put together a customized team (including a VP in our field) who understood our challenges. 

We’ve been working with this team for about a year and a half. In the meetings we decide together what to work on and what to do before our next meeting.  Our work has included sales presentations, marketing outreach, and explorations into what’s happening with our company and bouncing it off the team. We’ve had a better year this year than last, and SCORE is an important ingredient in the work we’ve done. I highly recommend them to young or old business entrepreneurs."

Kind Regards,

Ken McGloin


Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
Since mid 2015, I’ve been mulling over ways to get my business off the ground. I’ve paid large sums of money and invested hours of of my time only for my business to plateau. Since working with the advisors at SCORE, I’ve gained so much clarity and offered numerous actionable steps. I’m certain that  my business is now on the right track towards profitability and notoriety. Thank you SCORE for all you support.
Eric Sazer
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
I am a teacher and teacher educator who decided to leave higher education to pursue an educational consulting business full-time. Without a business background, I began this business in 2015. I soon realized that to fully get it off the ground, I would need to focus fully on it. I have been working with two SCORE mentors since July, 2016. Rose Rubin is an expert in business and the design of business models. Todd Li is a retired Intellectual Property lawyer. I first met Rose when she responded within 12 hours to my on-line request to meet with a SCORE mentor. She immediately realized I needed IP assistance. She connected me to Todd right away.
Between July and December 2016, Rose and Todd were readily available to meet with me together, sometimes with a short turn around. In the past 6 months, we have met 9 times. I leave each meeting encouraged, informed, relieved to have energetic assistance customized to my specific needs, and knowledgeable about the exact next steps to take. They have followed me very closely and attended thoughtfully and carefully to each of the many challenges I face. They have been so excited to help me gain ground that with each meeting, they invest whatever time it takes to thoroughly process my questions with me. This often means that we meet for 2 hours. They continue to invest much time in learning my work, and they help outline criteria for developing my business model, for fundraising, and for writing business proposals. They have spent much time providing detailed critiques of my writing to ensure I have the right kind of language in place for each business meeting. One round of critique from them has carried me through several business meetings with multiple parties. These meetings have led to my first contracts for paid work with clients. They also clearly identify the specific kind of accounting or legal assistance I need to pursue at any given twist or turn. No matter what we are processing about the right direction to take, they work hard to help me protect my work and ideas even as I market my services.
I could not have accomplished what I have accomplished in 6 months without their help. My learning curve has been steep, and they have entered into every complexity with me: carefully, thoughtfully, joyfully, and with a full belief that I have what it takes. They have helped me find order, direction, focus, and confidence in the midst of many competing needs. I feel their belief in my vision and their desire to help bring it to fruition with every step I take. I celebrate them and SCORE with others. I am a highly educated and networked person, and starting a business is still incredibly challenging. SCORE provides a free but priceless service to new business owners that gives us the support and guidance we need to gain a foothold in business. The endless resources SCORE provides, and the support of mentors in customizing their assistance and in helping me take stock of these resources for my specific needs is also wonderful. I am just steadily grateful for all of this support.
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
"I came to SCORE with a new idea for my law practice and received an open, encouraging response from my counselor, Eric Solomon, immediately.  He gave me both encouragement and advice, and followed up with a connection to a retired lawyer for additional advice.  Both reviewed a new website I set up and gave me some important recommendations.  The biggest thing I received, however, was encouragement, besides the objective advice.  You should always go to family, friends or colleagues for help, but for a fresh look and objective advice, SCORE provides an important resource for business people who want to test ideas."
William P. Pape
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
SCORE is an amazing program. I've had extraordinary one-on-one mentoring for my business, in areas like marketing and sales which are essential for the success of any business, but I had little understanding of them. The mentors are knowledgeable, patient and happy to share a lifetime of experience. It's a free program which is remarkable, because it's accessible to start-up businesses who really need the help. I highly recommend SCORE
Julia Santos Solomon - President Julia Santos Solomon, Inc
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
Marvin Moscowitz and John Grant intuitively understand my business and give me the appropriate guidance I need to be successful. Every time I meet with them, I make quantum leaps in achieving my goals. They help me formulate concrete steps from my conceptual business ideas. They also help me realize that I already have the skills and talent, and assist me in developing the confidence to move forward.
Yes, you may put my name on it.
Lynn Bondar
Creative Director, Lynn Bondar Graphic Design
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
What a gift the professional people who volunteer their services for SCORE have been to me. You helped me to clarify a new direction and then advised me on marketing. You worked with me in a way that truly made sense. I felt like I had a partner who cared. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have been.
Ruthe S. Nelson
The Studion For Creativee Leaderhip, Ltd
Testimonial - Ulster Score Chapter 533
Hello Eric and John,
Thanks so much for all of yur help. We bought the Hoot Owl and are in full swing with trying to get it up and running. We set up facebook and instagram accounts which have already become popular with the locals who are excited to see this place come back to life.
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