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Fall 2014 Workshops



Workshops held at Business Resource Center, Kingston, NY

To register on line: www.sunyulster.edu/ce
Or call: 845-339-2025

The Why and How of Writing a Business Plan
This workshop will be led by Members from the
Ulster SCORE Chapter.
This workshop will focus on the following:
• The 20 questions to ask yourself before starting a business
• Issues confronting the aspiring entrepreneur
• The elements of starting a business in Ulster County
• The need for a business plan
• Mission Statements
• Developing a long and short term-focused plan and what is needed
• How a business plan is structured
• Financial resources
• Understanding the kind of business you want
• The products and services your business will provide

Wed, Sep 10 • 6 - 8pm
1session • $20
DCB 941-07 • BRC

Let’s Write a Business Plan Together
This workshop will be led by SCORE counselors.
Our counselors are business professionals and
have a range of experience in many business
This workshop will focus on putting the pieces
of a business plan together.
• How a business plan can be used as a tool
• Current and future business planning
• Description of a business
• Market analysis
• Competition
• HR and financial needs
• Writing a summary for use in your own business plan

Thu, Sep 18 • 6 - 8pm
1 session • $20
DCB 623-01 • BRC

Constant Contact Presents - Build Your Marketing Toolkit:
A framework for small businesses and organizations

Ellen Williams, Constant Contact Regional Development Director, NYS & CT. Ellen has over 20 years of technology and marketing experience. She has presented to over 10,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations with advice on best practices that help organizations understand how to build great customer relationships and grow their businesses.
Attendees of this presentation will learn the following:
• What marketing really is (and isn’t)
• How marketing has changed in ways that benefit small businesses
• The importance of setting goals and objectives for marketing efforts
• Simple campaigns for small businesses
• It’s ok to start small, to start where you already are
Students should join this class and start to build a marketing knowledge foundation from which they can build more and more effective campaigns to help their business or organization grow. 

Wed, Oct 8 • 6 - 8pm
1 session • $20
DCB 636-01 • BRC

Strategies & Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Workshop leaders: Etela Ivcovik is the General Manager, and Ralph Legnini is the Senior Project Manager at DragonSearch, a leading internet marketing company with offices in NYC and the Hudson Valley.
Everyone wants to increase visitor traffic to their websites, and this workshop focuses on the strategies and tactics that professional digital marketers use in 2014.
Workshop will focus on SEO, social media marketing, paid digital advertising including social media ads, link building, getting mentions, outreach and digital networking, blogging & guest blogging. In addition, class will introduce students to some Google analytics basics – including how to:
• Track and monitor the activity of a website
• Determine where traffic is coming from
• See who spends the most time on your site
• Decide what content is NOT connecting with your website visitors and what content is the most popular

Thu, Oct 23 • 6 - 8:30pm
1 session • $20
DCB 638-01 • BRC

To register on line: www.sunyulster.edu/ce
Or call: 845-339-2025​

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